Archbishop: Most Rev. Christopher Prowse DD. STD.

Vicar General : Fr. Tony Percy

Administrator: Msgr. John Woods

Assistant Priest: Fr. Varghese Vavolil

St. Peter Chanel’s contact: Fr. Peter L’Estrange SJ
(tel. (02) 6273 2199)

           Parish Office

52-54 Franklin St., Forrest, ACT 2603
telephone: 02-62345546
Mailing Address: PO Box 3012 Manuka ACT 2603.

Office Hours:
Mon-Frid:  9.00 - 12-15pm  1.15 - 5.00 pm.

Parish Secretary: Felice Kasita

     Parish Team:

Director of Music:  Jaki Kane

Accounts : Linda Casella, Karina Widjaja

School of Religion Coordinator: Muriel Joseph

Parish Pastoral Council Chair: Keith Baker

Young Adults Leaders: Jonathan Lee, Genevieve Nicoll

Pastoral Care Practitioner: Liz Porra

Lectors and Extraordinary Minister Coordinators: Edwina and Mark Hyman

Maintenance Manager:  Pieter van Gent

St Peter Chanel's Church
Cnr Weston & Loch Sts
Yarralumla ACT 2600

St Christopher’s Cathedral
55 Franklin St
Forrest ACT 2603

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Welcome to St. Christopher’s Cathedral, Canberra, Australia

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Who Are We as a Parish Community ?

The Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis,  Evangelii Gaudium,  directly challenges us as a parish to live as a community of love, not for ourselves, but for the world. So, who are we? We are the parish community formed around the Cathedral - the seat of the Archbishop Christopher, and the centre of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn - and the local church of St. Peter Chanel’s in Yarralumla. The Cathedral and Parish Community are administered by Monsignor John Woods and the work of the parish is supported by Assistant  Priests Fr. Varghese Vavolil and Fr. Peter L’Estrange S.J. Father Peter cares for the liturgical life of St. Peter Chanel’s. The Parish is further supported by the Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Team.

Our Mission

As a parish, we are gathered together in Christ. Our mission is to evangelise - to give  witness to the Good News of the Gospel by word and deed. Four of the basic elements of  this  mission may be described as:  proclaiming the good news of  God’s love throughout the world   inviting more and more people into the community of disciples   sanctifying by encouraging the  whole community of faith to grow  in holiness, especially  as a  worshipping community through  intimate connectedness with the  source and summit  of the  Christian Life, the Eucharist.   transforming the world until  justice, love and peace prevail.  In  our Parish, we participate in the  mission of God and the church in  a variety of ways This mission is overseen on behalf of the parish by the Parish Pastoral Council, who  support and sustain the work of the clergy by their willingness to provide their skills, advice  and ability to extend the apostolic life of the community they serve.

Our Vision

The vision of the whole parish of  St. Christopher’s rests in the  names of the names of its  mass  centres.  Traditionally, St. Christopher was  one who carried Christ, as did St.  Peter  Chanel, the Marist  missionary and first martyr of  Oceania, who was murdered on  the  island of Futuna in 1841. The  dedication of both churches  focuses us on the missionary  task  we have as a community of faith,  and bind us to our call of making  visible the  healing and hope of  the Gospel in our lives and in all  that we do.

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The Cathedral Parish is unique. This is so because it is the Archbishop’s Parish. The word ‘cathedral’ comes from ‘cathedra’ or seat where the Archbishop presides over the liturgy. The Cathedral is the ‘mother church’ of the Archdiocese.  At the same time, the Cathedral Parish is like any other parish. Parishioners are those living within the boundaries of the parish and those many others who identify by coming to the Cathedral regularly. Then there are the numerous visitors to Canberra who worship at the Cathedral. Again, the Cathedral Parish has two worshipping communities, St Christopher’s and St Peter Chanel’s, yet only the one parish school, St Bede’s, Red Hill which is geographically removed from either church. This configuration is the result of past responses to demographic imperatives. All these factors and more create their own challenges and opportunities. So too do the ‘signs of the times’ in the wider community and the fundamental call of our shared baptismal dignity to be disciples or followers of Jesus, “one in Christ Jesus”.  It is to acknowledge who we are and the possibilities before us under the guidance of the Holy Spirit that we are having a Parish Assembly. This gathering will be founded in prayer and it will seek to discern priorities for our parish. I invite you to come along.

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is the chief consultative body in a parish and mandatory in all parishes of this Archdiocese since the 1989 Synod, “Coming Home in Christ”. The PPC furthers the pastoral good of the parish. We will be seeking to form a new PPC by way of discernment. Discernment means to seek and to act in accordance with the movement of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides the Church. The Holy Spirit moves in the hearts and minds of all of us. Where is God calling us? Pope Francis has spoken of our need to respond to and to live ‘the joy of the Gospel’. This means that those who gather for the PPC discernment will prayerfully consider whether they are being called to serve the pastoral good of the parish through membership of the PPC. The PPC meets monthly. Perhaps you are being called to serve on the PPC for the next two years?


Parish Pastoral Council Discernment, 2-5pm, Sunday 28 June, Seminar Room, the Rheinberger Centre also. Those who come along will be invited to consider prayerfully whether they are being called to membership of the Parish Pastoral Council, the peak consultative body of the parish.

Commitment Sunday: Commitment Sunday will now be conducted at all Masses over the weekends of 4-5 and 11-12 July.
There will be the opportunity to complete a Parish Commitment Sheet. You will be invited to consider committing two years to a rostered liturgical ministry (for which training will be provided) and, or other parish groups. Please consider whether you might step up for the good of your faith journey and for the good of our faith community. 
                                                                                  -Mons John-

Bishop Conf     Australian Bishops Issue Pastoral Letter Re.     Marriage

  In response to moves for same sex marriage,         the Australian Catholic Bishops have issued a         Pastoral Letter, "Don't Mess With Marriage".

The text is available HERE.


Encyclical  On The Environment Pope Francis Laudato 120 x195 px

The term ‘solidarity’ was often used by Pope John Paul II. Pope Francis has taken up the notion in his encyclical letter, “Laudato Si”, on the environment:

"Everything is connected," the Pope writes. "Concern for the environment thus needs to be joined with a sincere love for our fellow human beings and an unwavering commitment to resolving the problems of society."

You can access the encyclical online HERE



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