Faith Development

Faith development is a responsibility  each one of us has  to grow in our  own knowledge and love of God and  each  other.

Ways to develop your Faith

     Frequent participation in the Sacramental life of the Church
    Saying Morning and Evening prayer
    Spiritual reading
    Taking time for reflection
    Group discussion
    Bible study
    Exploring the call to renew our Faith

Parish opportunities to develop your Faith

There are more opportunities to grow  in your own relationship with God in  Christ  within the parish: Here are  some of them.

THE RCIA - the Rite of Christian  Initiation of Adults is a way of exploring  our faith, even  as it is a way for those  interested in becoming Catholics to  undergo their own process  of  conversion. If you are interested in  either helping with the RCIA at St  Christophers,  or in attending, please  contact the parish office. Or, if you would like to refresh your own faith, have a look at the RCIA website, which is located HERE 

FOR PRAYER AND CONTEMPLATIVE  PRACTICE - If you want  to learn more about contemplative  living,  consider participating in the  Christian Meditation group which  meets every Saturday at  St. Peter  Chanel’s Meeting room Yarralumla for  contemplative meditation at 5.00pm.   For more information phone Rod & Susan Page on 6281 2378.

Exposition of the  Blessed Sacrament 

Every  Wednesday in the Cathedral.6.00pm to  6.30pm
Every first Friday in the  Cathedral: 12.45pm-2.00pm
Every  Thursday at St. Peter  Chanel's:  9.30am-10.00am.

Catholic Bible study can be done at  home, either personally or with a group  of friends. To access one such study  click the link below


For Community Support and Enrichment

Young Adults group: If you are  between 18-35, join the YOUNG  ADULTS group for  prayer, sharing and  fellowship on Thursday evenings at  6.30 pm: See webpage on this site.

Diocesan Resources

The Archdiocese itself provides  resources for individuals and groups,  providing opportunities to grow  in our  knowledge and relationship with Christ. Among  these are the CAFF course,  Restorative Practices  processes, and  the St. Thomas More forums.  All are able  to be accessed through  the diocesan website at  To access information regarding these  click the button below.

Faith Resources-2

Other Resources

You can find other resources to help you grown your faith on the information pages of this website. Follow the links to find your own path. God calls each one of us to follow - the paths may be different, but the ending the same.


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