Lay Ministry in the Church

Lay ministry is part and parcel of our call to minister within the  world as Baptized Christians.  We have been called to mission, and  mission requires that we serve one another, using the  gifts we  have been given.  Within the parish community there are opportunities for such   service:

Liturgical Ministries

In the context of liturgical service, there are opportunities to  serve the  parish community in the following ways:

Acolytes - or Permanent Ministers of the Altar:

This role is  a permanent one, the Acolytes are  installed by the Archbishop  and are called Extraordinary Ministers of Eucharist. 

Special Ministers of the Eucharist:

Men and women who  offer themselves to bring  Communion to the sick and  housebound, as well as assist with Communion within the   Eucharist when needed.

Ushers and Collectors :

People who are willing to  act as ushers, assisting people to find  places in the  Church and Collectors, who are willing to help with  taking up the collection at  Mass. 


People whose role is to greet and welcome  the community gathered for the  Celebration of the  Eucharist. They are responsible for giving a few  notices to ensure a  prayerful worship environment and  to advise the community of any special considerations  that  may need to be made at a particular celebration.

Presenters of the Gifts:

This is an important role  within the liturgical celebration. When  bringing the gifts  to the altar, Gift Presenters represent the whole  community.

Readers: Who proclaim the Scriptures during Mass.

Christ  is present in his Word, the reader is  the one who will  make God’s Word come alive for those who are  gathered to hear it. There is  usually one reader for the  First Reading and another for the Second Reading.  They also lead  the Psalm and the Gospel Acclamation  when they are not being sung

Pastoral Ministry

There are a variety of groups within the  parish that are concerned with  Pastoral outreach. St. Vincent de  Paul, the Legion of Mary, the Young Adult Group, are  among  those groups which are actively involved in providing  support to those less fortunate, or to the  lonely and isolated. Ministers of Hospitality: Men and women of the Parish who provide hospitality to the  community in many different ways: Morning Tea, support and outreach to the aged in the  community, assisting in Parish celebrations. These men and women make life worth living for  others.                 If you are interested in assisting in any of the ministries of the Parish, please contact the parish  office to be put onto the relevant person.


Love in service to the Community

Love in supporting Liturgy

Love in Sharing the gifts


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