Copyright regulations for printed texts at St Christopher’s Cathedral

Under Australian copyright law, our copyright regulations must be adhered to in the preparation of booklets/sheets for distribution at a wedding, funeral, or any type of service at St Christopher’s Cathedral (or St Peter Chanel’s Church). Regulations are as follows:

Hymn texts

1. Any hymn texts printed must be:

(a) found in either of the hymnals kept in bulk in our two churches, i.e. Catholic Worship Book, Collins / E.J. Dwyer 1985, or As One Voice, Willow Connection 1992


(b) covered by Word of Life International (WOLI). Hymns can be checked for coverage by WOLI by reference to ‘Song Title Search’ on their website,; or contact the Parish Office.

2. The composer (of words) and publisher of each hymn printed must be printed along with the hymn title and text.

3. A text approximating the following must appear in the booklet/sheet (quoting the exact licence number):

“The hymns in this booklet are copied with permission under copyright Word of Life licence no. 2437E.”  A list of hymns covered by this copyright can be found in this Word of Life International

4. A full list is to be provided to the Parish Office of all hymns printed for any service, both title and composer - ideally done by way of a hard or soft copy of the service booklet/sheet.

Mass texts

Any parts of the Mass/service printed are to be covered by acknowledgement in the printout of the relevant International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) text, e.g.

“Excerpts from the English translation of The Roman Missal © 2010, International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation (ICEL). Excerpts from the English translation of Order of Christian Funerals © 1989, 1985, ICEL. All rights reserved.”

Scripture texts

Any Scripture texts (i.e. Readings) printed, which must be from the Jerusalem Bible translation, are to be covered by an acknowledgement as follows:

“Scripture readings printed with permission under Labora licence no. AUS02 50523T 3339G7.”

We have a legal and moral obligation to comply with these requirements. Please assist us in doing the right thing.



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